Chalkland Vets Open Day

Ready for some summer fun? Chalkland vets, an independent locally run small animal veterinary practice, is opening it’s doors to the public on Sunday 11thAugust

Come and see what goes on behind the scenes at a veterinary practice, have a guided tour and meet the team. See our equipment in action, have a look inside our operating theatre and learn how we are the only veterinary practice in Chippenham to offer keyhole surgery. 

We will have fun activities for the children too, with a dress up corner, bring your teddy for a bandage and have your face painted as a cat or a dog.

Adults won’t miss out on the fun either with fun games and great prizes to be won.

Talk to the vets and learn about our great membership plan. Enjoy some refreshments and have your photo taken in our photo booth to enter the competition.

Summer brings a lot of fun, but a few dangers for your pets too. Remember at BBQ time to keep skewers safely out of reach and always dispose of your rubbish carefully. Raisons, grapes, onions and garlic are all toxic to dogs. Chicken bones and kebabs could be the cause of choking or obstruction and should not be fed to dogs.

Bee and wasp stings are a risk to our pets and if your pet is stung they should be taken to the vet for treatment. Be sure that you check your pets for ticks daily and remove any that are found. We recommend using a regular tick treatment which will kill any ticks that do attach before they have a chance to transmit any tick borne diseases. 

Watch out for adders in the warmer summer months. Adders can be found on sand dunes, woodland edges and heathland. Snake bites often appears as two small pinprick wounds, the area will be bruised and painful to touch. Carry your dog if possible, to prevent the spreading of the venom and take them to the vets as soon as possible.

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