We offer great value for money. Uncompromised quality care for a fair price.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. We offer affordable pet care but will not cut corners or compromise on the care that we deliver.  We want to offer your pets the high standard of medical care that we would expect for our own.

  • Our consultations are 15 minutes, giving us enough time to be thorough in our examination and discuss the options to move forward.
  • Our staff are valued, experienced and dedicated to delivering the best care to your pet. They receive ongoing training to maintain their skills.
  • We invest in the best medical and surgical equipment. We use the most up to date paperless technology and apps to offer easy client communication.
  • Care you can trust. Our practice is run by local people on the ground. We are passionate animal loving folk that really do care. Providing reliable and quality veterinary care to their community.
  • We have lots of consulting sessions with a wide range of appointment times. We are open 6 days a week, weekdays until 7 PM.
  • We focus on continuity of care. We are a small team, we discuss all our cases in regular team meetings and ward rounds. We like to follow our cases through and build relationships with our clients and their pets.

If your pet is coming in for an operation with us you can expect the following as standard:

  • Our patients have registered veterinary nurses monitoring their anaesthetics. They are also monitored closely in recovery and are given careful aftercare whilst in the clinic with us (alongside lots of reassurance and cuddles).
  • Every animal having an operation with us is given a pre -operative health assessment before they have their premed (which consists of pain relief and drugs to relax them). We don’t allow our patients to be anxious or worried. We would rather use medications to help with this than allow them to feel worried or uncomfortable.  We can update you with photos of your pet whilst they are in with us through our app.
  • All our patients have intravenous catheter placement as standard.
  • We give lots of lovely pain relief, before, during and after procedures as required.  We pain score all our patients after their operations and if they are poorly. We don’t believe animals should have to suffer pain.
  • We use gold standard anaesthetic protocols with careful patient monitoring. We have multiparameter monitoring for our anaesthetised patients, which includes ECG, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure, pulse, respiration and temperature checks.
  • Our patients receive intravenous fluids by infusion or bolus administration to support their circulation and blood pressure.
  • We do post operative assessments and monitor our patients carefully in this post operative period, providing additional pain relief if required.
  • Our practice is accredited by the Royal College of veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme, and is also a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice. This means we have high standards to adhere to and are subjected to external inspections. You can be sure your pets are in safe hands.

Please contact our client care team for our up to date prices.