Our Facilities

Cat & Dog Ward

Our dog ward is positioned close to our enclosed outside dog toileting area. This has been designed to be easily cleaned and disinfected to keep our patients safe.  The ward has spacious, easy access walk-in kennels for our larger patients as well as smaller cages for those that feel more secure in snug surroundings.

Our cat ward is positioned upstairs in a nice peaceful part of the building. Our cat cages are spacious to allow our cats to stretch out and comply with the ISFM Silver standard ‘Cat friendly clinic’ standards. We can provide cats with cubby holes or screens to hide behind to help them feel safe. We have a cat examination table in the room so we don’t have to move our patients to examine them and we have diffusers exuding relaxing pheromones at all times.

We have achieved the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) Silver Cat Friendly Clinic status. This means that we have the facilities, equipment and care protocols which have reached the highest standard. The comfort and welfare of our feline patients is paramount and we are very proud to have achieved Silver status. You can rest assured that your cat will receive the best in veterinary care at Chalkland Vets.

In our prep area we have recovery cages where our patients remain when they are recovering from a procedure. This means they are constantly under our watchful eye.

Dedicated Car Park

Dedicated car park with ample off street parking.

Seperate Cat & Dog Waiting Areas

We have separate cat and dog waiting areas and also a quiet corner. Each room has pheromone diffusers and relaxing music to help calm any anxious patients.


We have a separate dental suite with digital dental x-ray and the most up to date dental equipment.

XRAY & Ultrasound

We have a separate room for our imaging with state of the art digital xray and ultrasound equipment.

Surgical Theatre

Our theatre has a tilting and rotating surgical table, state of the art anaesthetic machines and we have also invested in laparoscopic equipment enabling us to offer keyhole surgery.

In-house Laboratory

We have a range of in-house lab machines which means we can offer blood tests, urine test and cytology (looking at samples under the microscope) with a rapid turnaround time.


There are so many benefits of K-Laser treatment for your pets and we are so happy that we are now offering K-Laser treatment to our patients to aid healing and as part of pain management.

K-Laser is often used for musculoskeletal conditions, but that’s not all it can be useful for – it decreases healing time, reduces pain, increases circulation and decreases swelling, so there are many possible applications.