Mini Vet Workshop

Mini Vet Work Shop

We had a great afternoon at the practice yesterday as we rolled out our first mini vet work shop. We had 15 very excited children join us to see behind the scenes and learn about what vet’s get up to at work.

We had three stations that the children rotated through. In the first station was run by our head nurse, Emily. Here they took the good and bad food challenge, learned about the bugs that lived in and on our pets and we talked about what our pets’ need to keep them happy and healthy.

The second station was run by our vet, Selina. Here they got to meet and hold a mummy guinea pig and her four babies who were only three weeks old. They got to meet Selina’s dog, Huxley, and listen to his heart beat. The children brought a teddy bear along and practiced their bandaging skills. They also learnt about what an anaesthetic was and how we looked after our patients while they had operations. 

Station three was run by our vet, Philly. Here the children go to use a real ultrasound machine and work out what those shapes were in the jelly. They also go to look at xrays to see if they could spot what the problem was.

A fabulous afternoon was had by all. Watch out for more dates on our Facebook page and contact us to book your child’s space.

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